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GALS, ARE YOU TIRED of obsessing, complaining, and even crying over weight issues? Is being a Vegan too damn hard? Are you tired of the nonstop diet and exercise bullshit?

Then get Sassy and ...

TELL DIET GURUS preaching unrealistic         diet plans and miracle diets that don't work:
Shut up!"

TELL FITNESS EXPERTS bullying you into     torturous workouts:  "Go To Hell!"

  TELL LOUD-MOUTHED SKINNY                   PEOPLE who yell obscenities at you because       you can't follow their survival-type food plans:      "Bite me!"

  TELL HEALTH FOOD FANATICS telling        you to stop eating chocolate: "Back away           from my chocolate or I'll kill you and then       eat you!"                                              

 Get SASSY!   
      Purchase your own Sassy Gal sound button and
  "Tell all diet gurus, fitness experts and skinny people
     to go to hell!"



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